Brand New Site - Still the best choice for Kandi Beads

Brand New Site - Still the best choice for Kandi Beads

We got a new look and even more bead options. is owned and operated by Kandi Family Beads LLC. Just recently we launched a site to help bring people together. Shortly after we decided we wanted to be able to help people find the best selection of rave kandi pony beads, craft beads, shaped beads and exclusive kandi bead packages for events. 

Kandi Family Beads

For years we have been spreading PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) through out the raves and we want everyone to be able to spread that same love. Nothing puts a smile on peoples faces like their favorite animal or cartoon network. Maybe some daisy beads for EDC. The connection cant be replaced and we need to embrace the love and give to others. Don't let plur die and keep on connecting with people.

Stay tuned for some rad Kandi Beads coming into stock soon. Check back often for the greatest deals to spread the love. 




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