Kandi Charms - Perfect for Kandi Singles and Kandi Cuffs!

We are always looking for new exciting charms to put on singles. After all the more fun and exciting you make your kandi beads, the more fun it is to give it out at the festival. 

Those that are new to kandi, here is a short explanation. Kandi bracelets have been part of the edm culture for a long time. In fact at big festivals you can hardly spot anyone without at least one piece of kandi. After all who doesn't like receiving a small gift of appreciation from someone? When you are attending a festival you can trade or give out kandi to anyone. Most people already know the handshake but you will run into people that don't. That is by far the best is when you can show someone PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect). Check out our Kandi Etiquette guide for more details on kandi. 

What charms should you use? Well we have a few suggestions. Often times the beads and charms can be based on the festival or show.

Electric Forest use mushroom beads or zodiac beads

Mushroom Charm Beads

Zodiac Beads - Kandi Beads

Das Energi Kandi we have Glitter beads or make a perler with our 48 color kit

Glitter Kandi Beads

Glitter Ball Beads 

Artkal 48 Colors

Artkal 48 Colors


Electric Zoo why not add some really rad animal beads

Zoo Animal Beads

Animal Kandi Beads

Animal Kandi Beads

Kandi Zoo Animal Beads


These are just a few ideas for some of the bigger festivals. We have a wide selection of kandi charms. Make sure to check out our full store for the best selection of kandi supplies. 

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