Kandi Patterns

Are you looking for a great source for kandi cuff patterns? The patterns can be used for so much more than just kandi cuffs. They can be used to make banners, backpacks or rings. You are only limited by your imagination.

Confused as to what a "kandi cuff" is? Kandi is jewelry made from plastic beads, typically pony beads. Kandi is mainly worn by some people who attend raves, also known as kandi kids. There are other subcultures though, like Kawaii, that also love the look of brightly colored, chunky jewelry. A kandi cuff is a large bracelet that can either be flat and display an image, or have many layers of woven beads.

KandiPatterns.com is a great source of patterns, tutorials and photos of other people's creations. The site is easy to navigate and the patterns are divided into basic groups. There is a great FAQ section and forum if you need help getting started. The site even has a pattern maker for those who want to create there own patterns. You can use your pattern for yourself or share it with others on the website. Also check out https://www.allcrafts.net/


Kandi Patterns - Free Pony Bead Patterns for Kandi Cuffs

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