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Kandi Rave Goggles - Made with Pony Beads

Want to learn how to make Kandi Rave goggles for your next event? We have what you need to get started and a great video by VickysKandiShoppe! She has multiple Kandi tutorials to help you design and make your next kandi project! 

Today we want to talk about what you need for your Kandi Goggles. The Goggles are made out of different colored pony beads. Below we have put together some of the color combos we think would make some sick kandi goggles. 

Watch the tutorial on how to make the goggles: 


Here are a few colors combos we think would look cool together! Happy Beading your goggles.

Punk Goth Raver 


Kandi Kid Pop 


90s Kid Raver

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